Comprehensive SAP Treasury solution architected by V-Solve to track and manage Cash & Liquidity forecasting.

  • Centralized platform to track and forecast cash and liquidity by Days, Weeks, Months. Ability to configure variants on a click
  • Perform liquidity planning and analysis to identify gaps or surpluses
  • Create centralized cash positioning and improved accuracy of daily transactions across planning groups.
  • Provides a holistic view of Cash absorbed in different stages of order to Cash Collection end-to-end
  • Automated cash related data extraction from Bank statements, payment service providers and treasury management systems
  • Heavily engineered to solve and support business decisions in real-time by providing insights on cash overview
  • BI Compatible to support standard extractors for pulling data
  • Manage customer collections, disputes and credit management
  • Customer Vendor Dashboard for analysis and proactive reporting
  • CFO Cockpit and customizable dashboards and reporting
  • Enhanced KPIs for strategic decision making relating to financing, loans and investments