V- Talent Chain

V-Solve’s Blockchain partner solution to provide Talent & Certification credentialing Ecosystem

Why V-Talent Chain

  • Scalable architecture with the flexibility to accommodate customizations
  • Strong team of consultants, SMEs and Advisors who have crafted this solution with their experience developing similar Blockchain solutions
  • Feature-rich ecosystem with a strong pipeline of features in the coming months
V-Talent Chain Eco System





Students / Professionals

  • Improved Transparency for Talent Sourcing

    • Provides a secure and permanent registry for storing educational qualifications. Certificates and skills of talents
    • Works to store individual credentials or at a group level
  • Credential Verification

    • Background verifications are no more time consuming as V-SkillChain allows instant verification of Talent credentials
    • Acts as a single platform to easily share certifications and credentials across stakeholders
  • Digital Passport for Talents

    • Acts as a verifiable dossier to store records and evidences pertaining to individuals
    • Three way link between academic institutions, employers and individuals
  • Alumni Connect

    • Acts as a trusted exchange for employers r academic institutions to interact with their alumni