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Analytics Solution by PowerBI

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Analytics Solution by PowerBI

The Microsoft Power BI is a robust cloud-based solution that allows your business to control data by building visually appealing reports accessible from anywhere. PowerBI dashboards will elevate your company to the next level by making vital data-driven decisions. Power BI provides unique enterprise-grade data analytics customized to your business needs. Besides, the Power BI service provides your business with up-to-date reports produced automatically. All you need to do is to command the tool to refresh and publish your organizational reports within seconds without having to worry about the technical know-hows.

Benefits of using PowerBI:

  • Visualization
  • Server-Level Data Management
  • Analytics with Internal Software Systems
  • Provide Complex data within apps and software
  • Streamlined Organizational Processes
  • Visualize Details Easily
  • Enhance Marketing
  • Real-time analytics of your business performance
  • Create consistency in reporting standards

Analytics Solution by PowerBI

Quick Deployment and realization of ROI

Secure, live connection to your data sources, on-premises and in the cloud

Intuitive data exploration using natural language query

Integrated with familiar Microsoft products and utilizes commitment for scale & availability in Azure

Fast deployment, hybrid configuration, secure, and integrated with existing IT systems.

V-Solve has put together industry specific standard dashboards and reports that would present relevant business data required for users and decision makers to make key decisions and act. This industry specific preconfigured solution is quickly deployable in less than 3 weeks and help your business efficiency to improve instantly by realizing your ROI in no time!

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