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Improved Visibility with Automated Cash Flows


Client Description

A US-based leading manufacturer of Nylon 6 resin, chemical intermediates, and fertilizers with annual revenue of $1.51 Bn and over 1500 employees.

V-Solve has completely transformed our cash flows through their integrated CLF platform for better accuracy and visibility. Their solution of complete automation of cash position and forecasting through CLF dashboard integration led to optimization of inflow and outflow. Their dedicated team helped us in realizing our business outcomes quickly. We truly appreciate their expertise and commitment.

Chief, Treasury Operations of a leading manufacturing firm

Business Challenges

  • Complex vendor pay cycles resulted in inaccurate cash outflow forecast.
  • Hybrid process for cash monitoring resulted in inaccurate forecasts with no data integrity.
  • Lack of collection strategies for optimizing cash inflow.
  • Absence of outlook email communication for resolving large volume sales & pricing-related disputes.
  • Lack of visibility towards credit holds and updates to credit score had led to inaccurate evaluation of customer credit risks.


  • Cash monitoring tool (CLF) was designed to automate the process of loans, short term borrowing and factoring, for real-time reporting.
  • One view for end-to-end dispute resolution and workflow automation.
  • CLF was integrated to collections, disputes and credit data.
  • Single source of truth for the entire organization due to tactical visualization of data in the dashboard was achieved.
  • Credit Management was integrated to CLF
  • Net cash availability variance analysis was performed.
  • Optimized cash outflow tracker by vendor information was provided via CLF dashboard.
  • CFO dashboard was viewed to summarize operating cash vs. financing cash on daily/weekly/ monthly periods.
  • Customer collections, promise to pay, resubmission and capture of notes log were realized via collections tool.
  • Advanced collection strategies were devised to initiate pro-active collections for large customer accounts.


  • Transformed business operations by eliminating Excel reporting.
  • Cash Position and forecasting were automated to provide a real-time view of cash position on-demand.
  • Forecast vs actual functions was introduced through version management. This provided a realistic view of the company’s position in terms of cash and future goals.
  • Dispute resolution timelines were reduced as the sales and products team could validate and approve claims faster through mobile emails.
  • Customer creditworthiness and customer in-activity were re-evaluated and information about the overall volume of business from the customer was published.

Re-Define Quality Standards Through Test Automation And AI-Driven Technologies

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