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Next Gen Blockchain Technology Framework

Try Blockchain Use Cases With Blockchain-in-a-Box. Low Risk. Faster Time-To-Market.

Introducing Rapid Blockchain Development Framework

V-Solve understands that Blockchain is evolving and to enable customers experiment with Blockchain it is essential to have minimal cost investments and risks. Our Blockchain-in-a-Box partner offering helps customers to try out Blockchain Use-Cases with minimal risk, reduced time to market and by shelling out minimal budget creating a prototype which can then be scaled up on success.

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Our Rapid Blockchain Development Framework Consists Of

  • Solution Accelerators like Certificate Credentialing, Asset Registry, Block Consent and Process Provenance
  • Smart Contract Library
  • Domain Specific Use Cases
  • Blockchain Testing Framework
  • Reduced Time & Cost to implement
  • Easier Business Justification & visible ROI
  • Reduced Risk


Our Blockchain-in-a-Box has the following components

Asset register

Asset Register

Process Provenance

Process Provenance

Certificate Credentialing

Certificate Credentialing

Block Consent

Block Consent

One can play around with the above ready to use components to map most of the Blockchain use cases for various industry segments. All of these solutions have configurable business processes and smart contracts built on Ethereum. Through ‘Blockchain in a Box’, clients can ‘blockchainise’ their use cases easily with minimal modifications.

Try Out Blockchain Use Cases With Minimal risk, Investment and Budget.