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Scalable Talent & Certification Credentialing Ecosystem

V-Talent Chain

Transform The Integrity Of The Entire Talent Ecosystem

Empower the entire talent ecosystem and distribute ownership to all the stakeholders incharge with state-of-the-art blockchain technology. V-Talent Chain is a next-gen talent and credentialing solution built using v-solve’s Blockchain-in-a-box technology. Credentials represent skill sets, capabilities, university degrees, professional certifications, work experiences, etc. These are critical information of professional credibility. It is impossible to get jobs without these proofs.

While companies are digitally transforming on all fronts, credentialing has not seen much of a change. The certificates are still largely offline and paper-based. Companies partner with a 3rd party company and spend a lot of manual effort and time on validating credentials. With Blockchain technology, the integrity and transparency of information are fool-proof. Transform your hiring and save time and manual effort on credentialing with V-Talent Chain.

Talent Ecosystem

V-Solve’s Talent Eco-System:

  • Scalable architecture with the flexibility to accommodate customizations
  • A strong team of consultants, SMEs and Advisors who have crafted this solution with their experience developing similar Blockchain solutions
  • A feature-rich ecosystem with a strong pipeline of features in the coming months

Why V-Talent Chain

Improved Transparency for Talent Sourcing

Improved Transparency for Talent Sourcing

  • Provides a secure and permanent registry for storing educational qualifications. Certificates and skills of talents
  • Works to store individual credentials or at a group level
Credential Verification

Credential Verification

  • Background verifications are no more time consuming as V-SkillChain allows instant verification of Talent credentials
  • Acts as a single platform to easily share certifications and credentials across stakeholders
digital passport for talents

Digital Passport for Talents

  • Acts as a verifiable dossier to store records and pieces of evidence pertaining to individuals
  • Three-way link between academic institutions, employers and individuals
Alumni Connect

Alumni Connect

  • Acts as a trusted exchange for employers r academic institutions to interact with their alumni

Save Time And Manual Effort On Credentialing With V-Talent Chain.